Quiet zone in effect: 5 tips for commuting in the Greater Toronto Area

Movement in a new city can be stressful and scary!  It is important to know the cost protocol, directions and stops. There are also different modes of transit available in the Greater Toronto Area: GO buses and trains, TTC subway and street cars and the Durham Region Transit and more! Here are some tips on how to get around.

  1. Plan your trip. Use Google Maps consistently. The respective websites for GO Transit, TTC and Durham Region Transit are also useful for scheduling.

  1. Know the direction of your destination. If your natural inclination is not to think in cardinal directions, before your trip determine if you are heading North, South, East or West.

  1. Purchase a PRESTO card. Top up your PRESTO online, in person over the counter in the GO Station, any Shoppers Drug Mart and Self-Serve Vending Machines at TTC and GO Stations. PRESTO works across local transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa This is a convenient way to pay or you can use coins, tokens or purchase tickets.

  1. Tap on and off. You must tap on with your PRESTO Card to pay your fare. Tap at the Presto machines located in GO Stations or on transit. YOU MUST TAP OFF when departing GO Transit to avoid paying the cost of the entire line instead of for the journey. You are not required to tap off the TTC or Durham Region Transit.

  1. Courtesy is key. Read signs and pay attention to transit protocol. Always:
  • Be kind to seniors and persons with young kids. Do not put your feet on the seats.
  • If you have to eat be cautious with pungent smells
  • Always pay your fares.
  • Allow those exiting to do so before entering.
  • Be quiet. The quiet zone is in effect for all upper levels of the train during rush hours.

Commuting is necessary as a newcomer. Travel safely and efficiently. Keep the getting lost time to a minimum.

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